Be advanced by high quality

Be established in this field either the reputation throughout the world.


If we said that “META-TEX” is the representative works of metallic yarn that Taiwan Changhuan group has been making great effect on research to create over the past 30 years, and also we can say that it is the recognition and trust of the all the users for the “META-TEX” product, which establishes the glory in the textiles industry field.

Nowadays, in the rapidly developing textile fashion line, with traditional production technology and professional equipment, we guarantee that: the product quality in the four links of vacuum plating, coloring, shredding, twisting is also the service new concept of injecting fashion new element and service concept. In the service concept of continually strengthening the quality supervision and developing our own new art by weeding through the old, we provide the new product design and development for the different demands of the customers in the different countries.


Technical support:

Metallic yarn belongs to a special silk yarn, is different from the use of common textile fibers. Because it is limited by the chemical composition and property, the aluminum-plating film is not acid-bases resistant, does not guarantee refining and dyeing. The strong stretching and gravity friction would leads to metal layers peeling off. If the users need to use it, it shall be used with beyond the above conditions. Please after trial use under the same goods production condition, and then put it into the production.